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Anchor Rings

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Heavy Duty Recessed Anchor 4-7/16 in.

This heavy-duty anchor is designed to provide maximum strength and durability for larger loads and heavy-duty applications. It can be easily installed on the surface of a truck bed or trailer, and its recessed design keeps it flush with the surface for a neat and clean appearance.

Recessed Anchor 3-1/2 Surface Mount. 1200 lbs

Recessed Anchor 3-1/2: This anchor provides a strong and secure point to attach tie-down straps, chains, and ropes to the surface of a truck bed or trailer while keeping the anchor flush with the surface for a clean appearance. Its 3-1/2 inch size is suitable for smaller loads and applications.

Anchor Rings

Anchor Rings
Anchor Rings are heavy-duty, load-bearing rings that are designed to provide a strong and reliable anchor point for your cargo. They can be easily installed on your truck, trailer, or other vehicles and are ideal for securing large or heavy items during transport.

Anchor Point - Chrome

Fits most full-size and compact light trucks with or without a bed liner. Chrome plated finish.