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Hitch Lock
Hitch Locks are chrome plated, weather proof cap. Product is clamshell packaged.

Dual Hitch Extension 4000lbs

The Dual Hitch Extension is designed for those with multiple towing needs. With a weight capacity of 4,000 lbs and a tongue weight capacity of 400 lbs, this hitch extension can handle a variety of loads. It has a length of 12-1/4" and a height of 6-1/4".

Hitch Box Extension 14 x 7

The Hitch Box Extension 14 x 7 is a sturdy and durable addition to your towing setup, with a maximum tongue weight of 400 lbs and a gross towing weight of 4,000 lbs. Its 14" x 7" stepping area provides easy access to your vehicle's bed or roof, making it a versatile tool for hauling cargo or towing trailers.