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25ft.x1in. Metric/Imperial Tape Measure Utility Grade

This measuring tape is 25 FT long, and is both imperial and metric. Product is yellow with a black rubber jacket. Can be customized, contact Dynaline for custom inquiries.

25 ft. x 1 in. Metric/SAE Tape Measure

25ft Measuring Tape that measures in both metric and imperial. Tape has a width of 1in. Free customization availible, contact us for details.

Magnetic Insert Holder
Magnetic Insert Holders are designed to improve the ease and convenience of working with screwdriver bits. They provide secure and reliable bit retention, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various needs and preferences.

Slotted- Plain Finish Bits
Slotted Plain Finish Bits are a versatile tool for fastening in a wide range of applications. With various sizes available, they can be used for both light and heavy-duty jobs, providing reliable and precise results.